The United States Rugby Foundation is governed by a group of Directors from around the country who volunteer their time, travel at their own expense to participate in Foundation business, and make annual contributions to support the programs of the Foundation.

The Foundation Directors are John Decker (Santa Fe), Bill Fraumann (Chicago), Dan Wack (Bay Area), Bob Erwin (Houston), Brad Andrews (Orlando), Ed Burlingham (Irvine), David Bruck (Seattle), Denis Shanagher (San Francisco), Jay Waldron (Portland, OR), Don James, Jr. (San Francisco), Don Haider (Chicago), Dr. Lyle Micheli (Boston), Tom Pirelli (Jupiter) and Bob Watkins (San Diego).

In its goal for a global reach, the Foundation has also enlisted the assistance of International Director Murray Mexted (New Zealand). 

All Directors have distinguished rugby careers, and, collectively, have a broad background in business, law, and academia. While the current roster of Foundation Directors is notable, we continue to invite additional Directors to broaden our geographic coverage of the country.