Assisting the United States Rugby Foundation Board of Directors is the Board of Governors. The Governors live in different geographical areas throughout the country and like the Directors, volunteer their time, travel at their own expense to participate in Foundation business, and make annual contributions to support the programs of the Foundation.

The Foundation Governors are Terry Fleener (Denver), David Yancey (San Francisco), George Betzler (Philadelphia), Dr. Ned Chambers (San Diego), Jim DiMatteo (San Diego), Tim DuVal (New York), Paul Kaler (St. Louis), Bob Kaplan (Sun Valley), Jim Perkins (San Diego), Jay Hanson (Sacramento), Don Becker (Madison), Nick Fedorenko (Columbus), Ray Green (San Diego), Dr. John Chase (Berkeley), Mike Purcell (Davis), Neal Brendel  (Pittsburgh), Keith Engelbrecht (Dallas), Steve Finkel (Columbus), Kate Silvey (Brooklyn), Phil Bryant (Goose Creek, SC), Eric Swanson (Longmont, CO) and Jeff Hollings  (Oakland).

All Governors have distinguished rugby careers, and, collectively, have a broad background in business, law, and academia. While the current roster of Foundation Governors is notable, we continue to invite additional Governors to broaden our geographic coverage of the country.