Dan Wack

Dan Wack has a PhD in Applied Physics from Cornell University, and a BA in Physics from Amherst College. Currently, Dr. Wack is the Vice-President of Advanced Development in the Optical Critical Dimension division at KLA-Tencor.

Dr. Wack joined the Monitor Surfscan Division of Tencor in 1995, and was Program Manager of the SP1 product development, which shipped its first 300mm product in May 1996. Subsequently, he was Vice-President, Engineering for the Film Measurement Division during development of the 300mm platforms, F5 and RS100. He joined the Viper Division as General Manager in May 1998 to drive completion and market penetration of the first generation Macro Inspection product, the 2401.

Prior to joining Tencor, Dr. Wack was an Engineering Manager and Research Scientist at ADAC Labs and GE Medical Systems, developing gamma cameras for diagnostic radiology in nuclear medicine. He led the design and development of the data acquisition subsystem for GE’s first generation positron emission tomography scanner.

From 1986-89, he was a Systems Engineer at GE Aircraft Electronics Systems, responsible for system performance modeling and validation in the development of long-range IR Search-and-Track subsystems for the F14D.

Dr. Wack received a PhD in Applied Physics at Cornell University under Watt Webb, conducting thesis work at the synchrotron radiation center CHESS, focused on x-ray diffraction experimental studies of the lyotropic smectic liquid crystal phases formed by hydrated phospholipids.Dr. Wack played international rugby for the United States National Rugby Team, the Eagles, at inside center against France in 1976, and won a total of 5 caps in his Rugby Union career, including the Eagles’ first test match win, in 1978 against Canada. Another rugby highlight was the United States Cougars victory against Northern Transvaal during the Cougars 1978 tour to SA.