Consider alternative forms of giving
You can give to the Foundation in additional ways then straight from the Donate Now page. You can also give to the Foundation through bequests, charitable gift annuities, gifts in kind, endowments and many other creative forms of giving. Contact the Foundation office for assistance.

Remember, your gift can be confidential
If you prefer to have gifts remain confidential, please let us know.

Put charity in your budget
No one has unlimited charitable resources. As you would with any other financial obligation, include charitable gifts in your budget.

In addition to financial support, consider giving your time and skills. Not only will you help the organization, but you’ll also learn more about the Foundation and how it is supporting rugby in the United States. To volunteer your services, please contact the Foundation office.

Encourage your friends to participate
If you’re excited about something, share your enthusiasm. Talk to your friends and teammates about the Foundation. Encourage them to support the game here in the United States.

Don’t forget the tax benefits you’ll receive
You don’t give simply because you need the charitable tax deduction. You give to the Foundation because you have a passion for the sport and want to do your part in making it grow and improve. Still, it’s nice to know you’re receiving proper tax considerations for your charitable giving. Read more about the tax tips you’ll receive as a charitable giver.