Size 4 and 5 Ball Grants

The Directors and Governors of the United States Rugby Foundation (USRF) believe that the success of the United States in international rugby is contingent upon the development of the sport at an early age. Grants are awarded on a first come basis. Applicants must complete the following information and forward it to the Foundation’s San Diego office. The equipment will be shipped to the address specified in the application when the grant request is approved by the Foundation Directors.

The applicant, if approved for the grant, agrees to allow the Foundation the right to utilize the name of the approved project in any promotional material the Foundation chooses to produce. In addition, the Foundation requires that the applicant provide a brief summary as to how the equipment provided benefited their rugby program. This information may be used on the Foundation Web site or in their social media posts.

Programs for boys and girls as well as co-ed programs will be given equal consideration by the Foundation.

If your youth or high school rugby program is in need of balls, please submit a completed application for size four or size five balls for consideration.