U.S. Collegiate All Americans

The United States Collegiate All Americans received a financial boost from the United States Rugby Foundation on its tour to Canada in 2004 and to New Zealand in 2005. While the majority of Foundation support go towards youth and high school rugby, the Foundation realizes the importance in providing assistance to some of the best young players in the country.

Joining forces with Team America, another non-profit organization with a focus on improving the standard of rugby in the United States, the two groups combined to provide the All Americans with a $10,000 grant to go towards tour expenses for the Canada trip.

The Rugby Foundation also helped raise over $6,000 for the All-Americans tour to New Zealand in 2005.

“The All-American program is committed to providing our players with a ‘high performance’ rugby experience,” said Jack Clark, Manager of the All American Rugby Team that toured Canada. “This commitment would not be possible without the support of the U.S. Rugby Foundation and Team America.”

The Foundation continues to explore other opportunities to promote and improve the sport of rugby in the United States.