Queens University of Charlotte’s Megan Reed

Before rugby, Megan Reed did not consider herself to be a leader. However, the rugby pitch became a stage for her to showcase her natural leadership talents and athletic abilities. She credits rugby to broadening her horizons and expanding her network of friends within her local community and across the world. 

Megan began playing rugby in the spring of 2013 and has played nearly all seasons since. Her rugby resume includes a Rugby Indiana Female High School Rugby Player of the Year honor and appearances in multiple tournaments and camps across the Midwest. She played in the Girl’s High School All-American U16 matches against Quebec and was a member of many representative sides. 

A graduate of Westfield High School, Reed was a stellar student with a 3.9 GPA and involvement in many extracurricular activities at her school and church. She was the co-founder and leader of the Westfield High School Philosophy Club, a member of the Westfield Music Theory Quiz Bowl team, a member of the Westfield Jazz Program and pit orchestra, and played in a variety of rock bands in her local community. In addition, she taught a Sunday preschool class at Carmel United Methodist Church. Her commitment to be a well-rounded student-athlete is what has made her a highly regarded contributor within her community. 

“When I think of Megan Reed three words come to mind… responsible, caring, and hard-working,” said Reverend Aj Mildenberg of Carmel United Methodist Church. 

Reed will continue her academic and athletic career at Queens University of Charlotte.  She aims to pursue an undergraduate degree in interior architecture with intentions of working toward a master’s degree in the future. She would like to combine her passion for serving, with her career, by becoming an architect who designs affordable housing and/or churches. Megan also has interest in teaching music and playing in a local band for leisure. 

She has adapted well to her new role at Queens University of Charlotte and once again has let her strong leadership traits shine on and off the field. 

“Megan is a true leader and extremely deserving of this award. Her teammates would describe her as the reason many of them have adopted quality habits. She coaches youth rugby and has been to every single volunteer event we have set up. She can easily be spotted individually training/running all over campus to prepare herself for competition, in addition to every team training and lifting session. She is an extremely strong student as well. She makes a major impact on others in terms of study habits and helps with everything we ask of her at any time,” said Katie Wurst, Director of Rugby at Queens University of Charlotte. 

Reed’s future rugby goals include expanding on her skillset and playing at a higher level. She has an interest in coaching one day and would like to positively impact the lives of young ruggers.