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 With You! Rugby Podcast – Giovanni Vaglietti

This week on the With You! Rugby Podcast, the President of the US Rugby Foundation, Brian Vizard, spoke with Giovanni Vaglietti, the Executive Director of the USA Youth & High School Rugby Organization. The US Rugby Foundation recently awarded its largest grant ever, $100,000, to the USA Youth and High School Rugby Organization to fund the formation of new high school rugby programs. 

Show Notes

0:07 – Brian speaks about the USA Youth & High School Rugby Organization and introduces its Executive Director, Giovanni Vaglietti.

1:00 – Can you tell us a little bit about your upbringing and the sports you played as a kid?

3:45 – What motivated the formation of the USA Youth & High School Rugby Organization?

5:50 – What’s the mission of your organization?

7:50 – As the Executive Director, what are your duties?

9:50 – Is there one common challenge that many teams face around the country?

11:17 – Who are some of the other people involved with USA Youth & High School Rugby?

13:05 – What is your relationship with USA Rugby?

14:18 – What are the short-term goals of the organization? 

16:55 – What are some of the long-term goals of the organization?

18:50 – Can you tell us more about the grant the USA Rugby Foundation provided earlier this year and explain your program and the parameters involved? 

21:05 – What was the process for selecting the programs you funded this past fall?

23:05 – Is it important for football coaches and other team leaders at the schools to be on board with rugby?

25:15 – What do you expect the next application round to look like, and what do schools need to do to meet the parameters?

Wrap Up

In this episode of the With You! Rugby Podcast, we heard from Giovanni Vaglietti, the Executive Director of the USA Youth & High School Rugby Organization about the new grant opportunity available to help new high school programs get off the ground so more kids can participate in rugby.

Interested in Applying?

New high school rugby programs from across the country are welcome to apply and we expect the process to be highly competitive. A key mission and function of this program is to drive sustainable growth and legacies for the entire community to benefit from. As such, the program will be conducted with the assistance of State Youth Rugby Organizations.

Grant applications must be submitted directly to USAY&HS. They will review all applications and will work directly with the schools to ensure all of the necessary planning has been done. Once USAY&HS has approved the grant, a submission of funds request will be made to the US Rugby Foundation.

Applications will be accepted between January 2nd and February 14th, 2023. 

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