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The United States Rugby Foundation has reorganized as a Delaware not-for-profit corporation. Donations and contributions made to the Foundation by individuals or organizations are exempt from U.S. Federal and State Tax in accordance with the Foundation’s status as a 501(c)3 organization. Please note our new EIN is 81-5187776. Foundation assets earmarked for giving are dispersed in the form of grants to individuals and organizations that have demonstrable needs or requests that meet the guidelines established by the USRF.

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“With You! Growing Grassroots Rugby in America” Is the United States Rugby Foundation’s Campaign to make rugby available to America’s youth and to create pathways so those young athletes can achieve their rugby dreams. 

“For more than a half century, the mission of the United States Rugby Foundation has been to support and build grassroots rugby in the United States.  I invite you to review this information to determine how you can help us grow the sport of rugby in America. We need your help and support. Learn how you can make a difference in the sport we love.”

Brian Vizard | President, US Rugby Foundation

US Rugby Foundation

Support The Mission of The With You! Campaign

The US Rugby Foundation seeks to advance these areas with your support of the With You! Campaign.
The Board of Directors invites your consideration of the following ways to support this important rugby effort:

Where the Need is Greatest

If your gift is “unrestricted”, it allows the staff and Board to direct your funds toward an area of the game most in need of financial support.

Youth & Development

Your support will go to the number of programs aimed at giving every child in America the opportunity to play rugby.

Health & Safety

The Foundation wishes to capitalize on the work being done to improve the safety of rugby and to promote further work to ensure that the millions of American children who enjoy rugby can do so in as safe a manner as possible.

Pathways to Excellence

Direct your support to this program and then follow the selection and sending of promising US players to learn and grow in the areas of the world where rugby is played today at the highest level.

Coaching & Refereeing

With your support we can ensure that coaches and referees have access to programs that grow and develop their abilities to become better at their craft.


The US Rugby Foundation Endowment Fund ensures its current and future financial stability and the base upon which its programs will grow. The Fund becomes part of the Foundation’s investment pool and benefits from prudent investment diversification and economies of scale.

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Campaign Status Now

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Campaign Goal

“As chair of the US Rugby Foundation’s Board of Directors, it is my honor to watch young men and women apply in their personal lives the lessons they learned from Rugby. The other members of the Board join with me in encouraging you to consider one of the key Foundation programs.

It is my hope that you and hundreds of other Rugby Alumni will shout in unison “With You!”  as we bring this campaign to a triumphant conclusion.”  

Brad Andrews | Chair Board of Directors

US Rugby Foundation

Giving Opportunities

The US Rugby Foundation seeks to advance the Pillars as described above. If you would like to support the Foundation’s work through a contribution to the With You! Campaign and join in the journey to provide young rugby players with the opportunities and tools they need to succeed, we invite you to consider one of the following ways to contribute to our efforts.

An Unrestricted Gift

To be used by the Board and staff to direct your funds toward an area of the game most in need of financial support.


Checks made payable to the US Rugby Foundation offer immediate funding for one or more of the areas of focus for the Board. Pledges may be made payable over a 3 to 5 year period on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly basis.

Appreciated Assets

Stocks, bonds, real estate, life insurance or any other asset that carries no lien or liability may be used as a gift.

Planned Gifts and Bequests

This special type of support offers a way to maximize your contribution while helping you meet specific income tax and estate objectives.

Tribute Gifts

Tribute Gifts are an excellent opportunity to memorialize or honor a family member, friend, or loved one with a lasting legacy of your generosity in serving the needs of the Foundations work with Youth Rugby in America.

Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

(619) 233-0765 | US Rugby Foundation 404 Euclid Ave Ste 302 San Diego CA 92114

US Rugby Foundation

With You! Campaign Board

David Yancey
General Chairman

Bob Watkins

Bob Erwin

Jay Walron

With You! Campaign

David Yancey
General Chairman

Bob Erwin

Bob Watkins

Jay Waldron

Board of Directors

David Yancey
Board Chair

David Bruck

Ed Burlingham

John Decker

Bob Erwin

Bill Fraumann

Don Haider

Brian Vizard

Don James Jr.

Dr. Lyle Micheli

Denis Shanagher

Jay Waldron

Bob Watkins

Board of Governors

Don Decker

Bob Benson

George Betzler

Neal Brendel

Phil Bryant

Dr. Ned Chambers

Dr. John Chase

Jim DiMatteo

Paul Kaler

Bob Kaplan

Jim Perkins

Mike Purcell

Tim Du Val

Keith Engelbrecht

Nick Fedorenko

Steve Finkel

Terry Fleener

Ray Green

Jay Hanson

Jeff Hollings

Blaine Scully

Dick Smith

Eric Swanson

David Yancey

The phrase “With You” has a very special and important meaning in the sport of rugby…

No other sport uses that phrase in the middle of play. When a rugger hears “With You,” they know a teammate is telling them: “I have your back.” It means “I am here to support you.” It is usually shouted at the top of their lungs to let the player running with the ball know that they are not out there all alone. They are not unsupported. We thought it would be a fitting name for our campaign because it says so much about being a teammate and being a part of the rugby world.

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“Rugby has taught me to be more confident in myself. I am currently a Junior at Lindenwood University in Missouri and plan to continue playing Rugby after graduation. My heartfelt gratitude goes to the US Rugby Foundation for the Kevin Higgins Scholarship that helped me go to school. It is an incredible organization.”

Avaluah Lafitaga | Kevin Higgins Scholarship Recipient Scholarships
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“How I do anything is how I do everything.” Rugby’s values, camaraderie and the detail required for skill development was a foundation to truly understanding what this quote means to me. Every stage of my rugby career taught me different life-lessons that I utilize in the “real world.” The player pathway grant from the US Rugby Foundation gave me the building blocks early on that fundamentally changed my trajectory and increased my chances for success; not only in rugby, but in the rest of my life too. I’m fortunate to still be reaping those rewards today as a Father, Employee, manager, leader and community member.”

Kevin Swiryn Pathways to Excellence
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“In recent years, important changes have been made to how rugby is played, which has improved the safety of the game without compromising its nature as a contact sport. The true spirit of rugby has always included fair and safe play for both foes and teammates. The Foundation has played its part by supporting research that helped develop these changes."

Dr. Lyle Micheli | Former Head of USA Rugby Medical Committee | Member, Foundation Board of Directors Health & Safety
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"It has become clear that an important role the Foundation can play in the grassroots growth of rugby in the United States is the assurance that coaches and referees have access to programs where they can grow and develop their abilities. With your support, the Foundation is committed to making sure that our coaches and referees at all levels, from youth to international, get the opportunities they need to expand their skills and knowledge."

Coach Paul Horne | WWU Men's Rugby Coach Coaches & Referees
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"The Foundation has awarded college scholarships to a number of his graduates and has provided over 200 balls to the ICEF program. It is your generosity that allows the Foundation to provide these youth programs with balls and equipment to help grow rugby from the ground up. The US Rugby Foundation, with Rugby Alumni like Stuart Krohn, is proud to support Inner City Youth and High School programs which are contributing to the growth of grassroots rugby."

Stuart Krohn | ICEF Leadership Academy Youth & Development

US Rugby Foundation

Frequently Asked Questions

The United States Rugby Foundation Board of Directors launched its first major Campaign to raise funds to support the growth of grassroots rugby and make rugby available to every child and youth in America, and help them achieve their rugby dreams and goals. This Campaign has four focus areas for funding, all aimed at achieving the overall mission of growing grassroots rugby in America.

The answer is absolutely yes. The Board encourages pledges over periods of three to five years. This may be important to you in terms of tax considerations since all gifts to our 501(c)(3) Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

We urge you to continue supporting the rugby programs that you traditionally support. Perhaps you give to USA Rugby. This is an important organization that the Foundation also supports. Perhaps you support your local rugby programs. Continue doing so. But the With You! Campaign is dedicated to providing funding for grassroots programs, as well as expanding our work in four main areas: Health and Safety Issues, Coach and Referee Improvement Programs, Pathways to Excellence, and Youth Programs including Scholarships, Start-Up Kits, and New Pitch Development. Through the With You! Campaign, our Board of Directors continues to build programs aimed at growing grassroots rugby in America. We hope you will join us in this game-changing Campaign.

It is the intention of the US Rugby Foundation to recognize all donors to the Campaign. Special recognition on the website and in the Foundation newsletter will be given to those who pledge a total of $25,000 over 3 to 5 years. And for those who give greater than $25,000 to the Campaign, they will be invited to a special dinner with our Board of Directors, Board of Governors, and US Rugby Hall of Fame recipients where their generosity will be recognized by Foundation leadership.

The With You! Campaign invites you to consider designating your gift to one of the four programs described in this booklet, or allow our Directors to use it to fund programs with the greatest need. You might also consider directing your gift to the US Rugby Foundation Endowment Fund, which provides funding for rugby programs in perpetuity.

With You! is in its second phase after achieving a total of one half of our goal of $2.5 million. It is our intention to successfully complete this second half of the Campaign by the spring of 2022.

Thank You For Your Support!

For questions or additional information please contact Cliff Underwood, With You Campaign Manager at 619-997-9700 or cliff@underwoodandassociates.com

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