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 WithYou! Rugby Podcast – Blaine Scully

This week on the WithYou! Rugby Podcast, United States Rugby Foundation president, Brian Vizard, spoke with Blaine Scully. As a former professional rugby player and past captain of the USA Eagles, Blaine has an extensive and impressive history on the field.

After spending two years at UCLA and transferring to University of California, Berkeley (Cal), Blaine continued playing rugby both nationally and internationally. He played with the Leicester Tigers in England and the Cardiff Blues in Wales, while continuing to play with, and eventually captaining, the United States Men’s National Team.

With 54 international appearances during his career with the Eagles and the experience of playing in three Rugby World Cups, Blaine had a full and successful career. Enjoy this episode of WithYou! to learn more about Blaine’s exciting rugby journey and what direction his life is headed in now.

Show Notes

0:28: Blaine speaks briefly on his upbringing including what sports he played in his youth.

1:32: Brian asks Blaine how he first got introduced to rugby.

2:20: Blaine explains why he transferred to University of California from UCLA.

3:05: What do you think makes the Bears so successful year after year?

5:30: Brian asks Blaine about the memories that stand out to him from his days at Cal.

6:50: Blaine recounts his experiences between leaving Cal and signing on with the Leicester Tigers.

8:10: What was it like to join a storied club such as Leicester as an American?

11:35: Blaine talks about transitioning from Leicester to the Cardiff Blues in Wales.

14:07: During your Eagles debut in 2011, what did it feel like to stand on the field for the first time? – “The honor isn’t in the selection, it’s in the performance.”

15:45: Blaine mentions some Eagles players that he looked up to before becoming part of the team.

16:55: Brian asks Blaine about some of the highlights of his test match days.

18:10: An inside look at the 2018 Scotland vs Eagles game.

21:45: What were some special moments from the World Cups you played in 2011, 2015, and 2019?

23:20: Blaine talks about his favorite Eagles tour.

24:10: Brian asks if Blaine has any favorite Eagles teammates.

26:38: Blaine shares what he’s been doing since retiring from the playing field after the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

27:38: “The newest Governor of the United States Rugby Foundation.”

Wrap Up

In this episode of the WithYou! Rugby Podcast, we heard from Blaine Scully, the newest Governor of the United States Rugby Foundation. He has an impressive past on the field and went from UCLA and Cal Berkeley to playing with the Leicester Tigers, Cardiff Blues, and eventually became captain of the USA Eagles. Blaine has been an incredibly impactful athlete in the game of rugby and is now looking for his next long-term move in life and in the world of sports.

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