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The United States Rugby Foundation has reorganized as a Delaware not-for-profit corporation. Donations and contributions made to the Foundation by individuals or organizations are exempt from U.S. Federal and State Tax in accordance with the Foundation’s status as a 501(c)3 organization. Please note our new EIN is 81-5187776. Foundation assets earmarked for giving are dispersed in the form of grants to individuals and organizations that have demonstrable needs or requests that meet the guidelines established by the USRF.

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Health & Safety

The US Rugby Foundation has long placed a great emphasis on injury prevention and are continually looking at ways to minimize the risk of rugby injuries, especially when it concerns those in youth and high school competitions or programs.

Along those lines, the US Rugby Foundation didn’t hesitate in showing its support for an online high school rugby injury study, designed to benefit all high school rugby players registered with USA Rugby. The study was headed up by Dr. Dawn Comstock, an experienced rugby player, coach and referee.

In 2008 there were two different studies funded by the US Rugby Foundation. The first study was centered around injuries sustained by high school rugby players in the United States. The second study was centered around injury patterns in United States college rugby players.

With additional funding, the Foundation could fund additional studies looking at the intervention of improving the safety of rugby play.

US Rugby Foundation

Topics Included In The Study

Epidemiology of musculoskeletal injury in rugby.

Neurological studies including concussions and catastrophic spinal injury.

Wellness studies including stress management, focus, performance enhancement and nutrition.

Other scientific studies which focus on the health and safety of amateur rugby players in the USA.

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